Real Bio

Hi. It’s 2020, and things are pretty weird now. Also, I wrote my original bio in 2012, so a lot has changed since then. So I’ll give you the updated version here, and then you can read my carefully crafted, much more witty, alas out of date bio below.

I’ve been a lot of things in my life. A promising young scholar, a college dropout, a semi-homeless young adult, a singer-songwriter (basically the same thing), and a QA Analyst renowned for her code-destroying “DeathTouch.”

Also, for a lot of my life I’ve been a person dealing with chronic health issues and disability. When I wrote this bio, I thought Lyme Disease was going to be a temporary part of my life until I found the cure, at which point I would go back to living my ‘real life.’ But 11 years later, the effects of tick-borne illness are still very much with me, and a lot of my ‘real life’ has been about trying to survive.

The only “good” thing I can say about chronic illness (¿? just kidding — there aren’t any) is that the thing folks are dealing with now, all of us “spoonies” have been down this road already. The gaslighting from official sources. The bad data. The lies. So I was a few steps ahead of the general populace when all this started. I’ve tried to share those insights on my latest posts.

—- Original Bio ————————–


Born in Spain, raised in Connecticut, and educated at a Hogwartsian boarding school, Sofia’s musical influences cut a wide swath. They include flamenco, Renaissance vocal music, and, alas, 80’s pop. Her sense of humor is largely the result of playing too many Tom Lehrer records at an impressionable age. She spent a lot of her youth reading Ancient Greek, which has influenced many of her songs.

Sofia recently placed 3rd out of over 200 submissions in the Music2Life competition with her ass-kicking financial smack-down anthem Nickel and Dime, (recorded with Carolyn Wonderland and Shelley King). She is also a two-time SemiFinalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.

An experienced ensemble singer with a classical background, she also has sung backup on stage and in the studio for a range of songwriters including Idgy Vaughn, Eric Taylor, Lilli Lewis, Johann Wagner, Jack Wilson, and Najeeb Sabour. Her co-write “Dancing” was recently recorded on the eponymous CD of Mountain Stage NewSong winner Grace Pettis. Her songs have been covered by David Llewellyn, and The Love Leighs, among others.

Sofia is currently taking a hiatus from performing to recuperate from Lyme Disease, which is like ennui, only moreso. In the meantime, her awesome blog Applied Grace will revolutionize the world with ideas about creative problem solving for social change.

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