Science and Sexism

Here’s the thing: whenever some guy tries to defend the double standard, he’ll go off on some weird pseudo-scientific diatribe about how “evolution” has made men “hard-wired” to be more promiscuous, and it’s just “natural” and “instinctive.”


Whenever things really are natural and instinctive , we don’t have to debate them.

No one has ever had to go up to a group of teenagers, and say, “Look, you might consider spending some time thinking about the opposite sex, because evolutionarily you are very fertile right now.”

No…it just happens, because it’s natural.

The double standard is a source of tension because women find it unfair. Which means they care about it, because they have the same desires as men. If they didn’t, then the double standard would be unfair in principal, but irrelevant in practice. Like a Three Stooges Film Festival that didn’t admit women.

Also, there are 6 billion people in the world. That’s a lot of sexytimes. Since childbirth is excruciating and can kill you, why on earth would women risk all that if sex were zero fun?

And finally…if men are supposed to be naturally promiscuous, and women naturally monogamous…then who exactly are these guys having sex *with*?

Ok. I’m done.