Part Joni Mitchell, Part Muppet

Raised in the wild by feral graduate students, Sofía learned to make simple vowel sounds at a young age. When she was not suckling at the teat of the mimeograph machine refill cartridge (ahhh — delicious purple toxicity!), Sofía absorbed the basics of life, such as Latin declensions, poetic forms, and the proper use of the subjunctive.**

Entry into the modern world posed its challenges, but Sofía persevered with a cheerful naivete bordering on the pathological. Sofía now makes her home in Austin, TX, where she happily writes and sings for just about anyone who asks.

Sofía’s last name, Echegaray, is Basque. The Basques are a proud, unpronounceable people, famous for their paella, jai alai, and general beret-wearing.

Echegaray is pronounced like this: Etch-eh-garrr-eye.

Sofia’s muppet-ness is mostly philosophical — like everyone else, she has Grover days, Gonzo days, and of course Janice days. However, due to an entirely bizarre series of circumstances that occurred while she was interning at Sesame Workshop, Sofia actually exists in Muppet form. So there it is, ladies and gentlemen: Immortality in Felt.


**(Hint: “I wish the subjunctive were used more often.”)

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