The Social Media Paradox

I remember That Guy.

When I first started using email, there was always One Guy who insisted on emailing you, even if you were across the room.  And when I graduated to the work world, there was that guy who cut you off mid-sentence if you went to talk to him.

“…Bill, I-”

“-Just email me.”

Then, we had a name for this behavior: rudeness.

Now, we don’t have a name for it — because it’s how everybody acts.

Insanely rude behavior has become socially acceptable, in just 10 years.

Not. Progress.


There have always been people who love machines and hate people. And they think, “If only someone could invent a way to Obtain Information from people without all this pesky inefficient social interaction,” and then they go invent something in their basement rather than, say, deciding to Grow as a Person.

So now, what do we do? Now that NeverTalkToAnotherHumanAgain.Com has just gained a billion users?

The platforms for our social lives are now defined by the anti-social.

Imagine if every bacon double-cheeseburger had to be approved by a Rabbi for deliciousness. It wouldn’t work very well, would it?

It’s like that.

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