Lessons from Star Trek

Things I have learned from watching Star Trek: The Next Generation:

1. In the future, we will all wear pajamas.

2. People in the future don’t have to go to the bathroom. This is why they can walk around in one-piece bodystockings with no discernible zippers.

3. If you happen upon any Eden-like planets, filled with nubile, willing inhabitants, RUN AWAY.

This is because:

 A) They plan to mate with you, then drain you of your living essence.

B) Things are great there because they kill all the lawbreakers OR they kill everyone over 25 OR there’s some other kind of seedy-underbelly-type-action going on.

C) Surprise! There is no planet with nubile young playthings. It’s all a hallucination created by a malevolent being to distract you while you’re being…drained of your living essence (see A).

By Sofia Echegaray Posted in Funny

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