I Have Reached Nerdvana

Geeks! Do you know who Neil Degrasse Tyson is?

Well, you should! He’s a badass astrophysicist. Head of the Hayden Planetarium. Frequent guest on The Daily Show. And host of an all-things-science-and-geeky podcast called Star Talk Radio.

(How geeky is the podcast? He interviewed Whoopi Goldberg about her role as Guinan on Star Trek. Yesssss! So Awesome!)

Aaaaaaand (drumroll please): My song Dark Matter was featured in a short clip at the top of his latest podcast!

I am such a geek! I have achieved Nerdvana!

I will now sit atop my Geek Mountain while other acolytes come to me, seeking to attain GeekLightenment.

8 comments on “I Have Reached Nerdvana

  1. I heard the “Dark Matter” clip on Star Talk. Liked it so much I had to hunt in down. Good thing there aren’t many songs with dark matter in the lyrics 🙂
    I was rather dismayed to find you didn’t have anything up on Itunes, or an album for sale. Any chance there are more songs in the future?

  2. D.J., thank you for your interest! I have more songs, and I will post at least one more on this website by the end of the month. Nothing for sale yet, but in the meantime you’re welcome to visit and stream the songs for free! 🙂

  3. I was checking in on Star Talk tonight and paused it the moment I heard you sing. I’m a huge Judy Collins fan and the modesty and pall of Dark Matter reminded me of some of her new album. It was compelling, I think you’re exquisitely talented, and I’ll mention you to my friends at Sound Opinions if that’s OK.

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