The Exception that Proves the Rule

What makes one person the exception? What makes someone rise above their station, and become a Sonia Sotomayor or a Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

Every once in a while, someone is imbued with a special protection against discouragement.

Perhaps they are simply so much more talented than an ordinary person that their talent cannot be denied. 

Perhaps they are raised or taught in such a way that they gain a strong psychological buffer.

Or perhaps it’s deep in their temperament to believe in themselves.

For whatever reason, these few rise above the masses and excel beyond the confines of others’ definitions of them. But then, they are held up as the “truly” talented of their group, the exception that proves the rule . . . and damn to the rest.

But it’s not that they are (necessarily) the most talented; they are just the most immune to despair.

You don’t have to be the absolute best. You just have to be stubborn and a little bit deaf.

They can’t discourage you, if you’re not listening.

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