Life in Boise

So yesterday I’m walking on the edges of Downtown Boise. As I walk towards a car stopped at a stop sign, I hear the folks in the car making all sorts of weird ‘animal-call’ noises. Immediately I put on my game face and prepare myself for some sort of catcalling encounter.

But then the car drives off, and it turns out that on the other side of their car was . . . a deer. Eating the grass a few blocks from the capitol. And to top it off, when I look across the street, there are two geese on the sidewalk.

I call the local police station (animal control is closed) and they’re like, Oh yeah we get calls about deer in traffic All The Time.


– Boise, bustling metropolis, it is not.

– How nice that for once, when I heard dudes making animal call noises out of their car, they were really actually calling an animal.

By Sofia Echegaray Posted in Funny

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