The Can’t Even

Day 9 of I Can’t Even. Every day brings more horror.

Yesterday a Trump surrogate was on tv floating the idea of a muslim registry. When asked by Megyn Kelly about the legality of this idea, he said that there’s a legal precedent, what with the Japanese internment camps.

It’s coming fast and furious, folks. They’re not going to wait around before doing horrible things. They’re doing horrible things, right now.

What shocks me is not these guys. Well, ok, I’m a little shocked, but mostly they’re right on schedule with all the awful things they said before the election.

What shocks me is how quickly the majority gets in line. Trump hires a famously racist white nationalist? News media calls him a “firebrand.” Trump says crazy shit for a week? The New York Times leads with this brave headline:

Trump’s Biggest Test: Can He Build Something That Inspires Awe?

The right public works projects can send a message of inclusion and pride. If Mr. Trump is ready to take a cue from F.D.R., here are some places to start.

Really? Really, New York Times? The world is going to Hell in a handbasket and all you can do is open with this fawning, non-confrontational bullshit?

Meanwhile, 169 Democrats in Congress — and no Republicans — have soundly condemnded the hiring of crazy-ass Nazi Steven Bannon. Why no Republicans? What happens to “Family Values?” Isn’t not-being-a-Nazi part of “Family Values?”

I am overwhelmed by the weakness, cowardice, and go-along-to-get-along nature of these people. I guess I always thought that if you learned about this sort of thing — if you knew about Germany and the Japanese internment camps and so on and so forth — you wouldn’t, couldn’t, blithely support this sort of thing again.

I was wrong.



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