In What Order They Will Come For You

This week, we’ve seen what happens when an authoritarian gets into power. We’ve seen how quickly rights can be taken away, and with how much disregard (the Muslim ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day, for example).

But they’re still not at the apex of suck. This is still just the first week. As with any autocracy, they squeeze hard at first to see what they can get away with — but later on, after they’ve shut down internal blocks to power, they squeeze harder. So let’s review how it’s going to go:


  • Non-citizens from some majority-Muslim countries are banned without warning


  • Social justice organizations that fight for Islamic Americans will  be labeled “terrorist organizations.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations is already being targeted by Breitbart. Rumors and innuendo leaked to the mainstream media will follow hard upon.
  • Additional countries added to the Muslim ban without warning *
  • Mosques and Muslim community centers start to feel pressure


  • Any liberal advocacy group like the ACLU which advocates on behalf of detainees will be reframed as an “organization that willingly aids and abets terrorists.” Offices will be bugged, members will be harassed, media and the public will be encouraged to turn against them. ACLU leadership will be targeted with manufactured charges.
  • Green card holders already legally in the US will be targeted for deportation if they are from “undesirable” countries. The government may not call it deportation, but it will be deporation just the same.


  • All Muslim groups, including community centers and Mosques, will be targets of intimidation.
  • Any muslim who is part of any organized group – let’s say “Muslim Ivy League Doctors Who Love Hiking” — will be targeted for harassment and intimidation.
  • The push against civil rights groups will widen. The N.A.A.C.P., the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), the Jewish Anti-Defamation League — all of these will come under attack.


  • Deportation of legal US citizens associated with “undesirable” countries will begin. The list of undesirable countries will grow indefinitely.
  • Deporation / imprisonment of activists and other social undesirables will begin.
  • Remaining US citizens will be terrified to speak out, in case they are “next.”

* But not Saudi Arabia, because we have financial interests there. Remember that none of these laws will be the least bit internally consistent.


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