The Science of Human Development

All this education I had, all these facts and figures and logical reasoning, and nobody said anything about Power.

Nobody said, “Of course, if you’re poor, researching the proper treatment for your medical condition won’t save you, because you won’t be able to afford treatment.”

Nobody said, “Of course, being the smartest person in the room won’t get you the promotion if you’re a woman or a person of color.”

Nobody said, “Of course, if you’re a scientist with important recommendations to avoid catastrophe, it won’t matter if your government is too corrupt to care.”

The next ten years have to be about science, but they also have to be about the study of power. Power for the people. Power over our own lives. Different ideas of fair land use and private property — why should apartment-dwellers fearing for a food shortage be unable to plant gardens in the land around their homes? We should starve so that absentee landlords have a pretty lawn? All to satisfy some antiquated idea of what land ownership means. As if anyone, in the end, can really own the earth.

We need to study the science of human development, of teamwork, of unions, of social progress, of empowerment and evolution from below rather than the false promise of revolution — which removes one corrupt government by force only to put a different corrupt government in its place.

The science of human potential must be studied and developed before any hard science will even have soil in which to grow.

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