Geek Love

Brian and Jenny sat alone in the dark, watching some animé
It’s so much better in Japanese (“Ohayo!”) That’s what they all say (“Hai!”)
Jenny reached out and took Brian’s hand and said, “I think that you’re a safe bet.”
Brian said, “Hey, would you like to be my girlfriend? I’m 33, but I’ve never had one yet.”

Geek Love: it’s the first time that you both take off your glasses.
Geek love: it’s the way she’s smiling in your AP classes.
It’s knowing that “qamuSHa’ ” means “I love you” in Klingon.
Geek love, geek love: time to get your geek on!

Linda and Janet went to Renaissance Faires wearing garb that they made with care.
Linda made capes and Janet wore chain mail – even her underwear! (“Ouch, that pinches!”)
Under a tree, with two goblets of mead (“Forsooth!”) they realized their love was true.
Janet said, “Linda, I doth love thee,” and she said, “Honey, I love you too.”

Geek love: making jewellery out of pieces of your hard-drive;
Geek love: and then wearing it to show your love is true.
It’s knowing that the hoi polloi (“Actually, technically in Greek grammar, it’s redundant.”) (“Oh.”)
It’s knowing that “the hoi polloi” is technically redundant.
Geek love geek love: it’s all geek to me! (geek to me)

Now Brian and Jenny and Linda and Janet all live in a big old place.
They watch DVDs with commentaries, rewinding just in case (“Did you see Scully’s expression there?”) (“Oh oh oh oh rewind!”)
They type on their LAN with carpal-tunnel-y hands; they’re getting married in the Fall.
And both of the couples engraved their rings with “One Ring To Rule Them All!”

Geek love: yes it’s love at last, with vision that’s corrected.
Geek love: no more heartbreak, no more feeling all dejected.
Crazy, crazy thing – I met him when I was playing Magic: The Gathering.

‘Cause it’s love, and he’ll never tell you that you’re out of fashion (“Cause how would he know?”) (“Good point.”)
Geek love: when your braces lock, you’ll feel undying passion.

If watching scenes from Buffy makes you lust for the Undead, (“Bite me!”)
take heart, look around you, there’s a pale boy straight ahead!

Geek love: and you’ll name your kids after characters in Tolkein (Here, little Galadriel) (“Uh. It’s Galadriel.”)
Geek love: and your love is strong, and never is it broken.
You organise your comic books, she happily assists;
Geek love, geek love: I love geeks bearing gifts.

(“Buffy? Season 2? on DVD? I… love you!”)

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