Here We Are

(c) Sofia Echegaray, 2010


I saw a man with eyes like yours

shopping in the supermarket aisle

I couldn’t move, I stared

thinking for a little while

Oh my Mind, cease and desist,

leave me alone and just relent

But no, my God made me like this


Here we are again

Here we are again


You come as you are

You with your need

Open me up

And leave me to bleed

You took to the sea on a ship of sighs

and you sailed away


Your love was a moonless night

I was a child, waiting to see the light




You got eyes like a saint

in some painting

Suffering without complaint and

You’ve got skin

Smooth as a getaway


And my love was a wine-dark sea

Oh would you drown

If you could drown

in me?



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