He is a Wonderful Man, and so is his Wife

Long before the internet stored and collected amusing, geeky things, we had people. Well-organized, perhaps slightly eccentric people, who photocopied unusual things, and kept them meticulously catalogued in their filing cabinets.

Such a person was Sally Slade Warner.

What can I say? The music librarian at Andover was one of a kind. At first, she seemed incredibly stern. If you mis-filed a CD, woe betide you and your kind. But eventually, you saw her heart, and her infectious, childlike glee at:

– Bad puns

– Music jokes

– Other humor we’re not proud of

Once, my senior year, she xeroxed a copy of this and gave it to me, with a conspiratorial look. It’s definitely a music geek thing:

Eugene Ormandy Quotations. 

Sally Slade: Gone, but not forgotten.

By Sofia Echegaray Posted in Funny

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